Coming This Fall

This Fall you will have another option for boarding your babies. is the homepage for Kelly’s kennel.

Kelly Johnson will be boarding up to (but never more than) ten babies!

It’s a one-person operation, and there’s a lot of experience and skill being brought to bear. I think you will like what she offers.

Who we board:

  • Dogs under 40 pounds
  • Dogs that don’t want to be in Play Care*.
  • Dogs that have medical or other requirements such as insulin shots or fluid therapy.
  • Dogs that prefer a smaller environment with less barking and dander.
  • Cats
  • Reptiles
  • Small Animals like Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Rabbits, Rats and Chinchillas.

Who we don’t board:

  • Mean dogs. (Not just scared, but I’m referring to just, mean, snappy dogs you can’t get out of a compartment)
  • Big dogs, over 50 pounds.
  • Dogs that would be better off in Play Care*
  • Mean cats

*(We recommend a few kennels for boarding via Play Care but not everyone’s dog is suited to that. Please see Haven for these rambunctious and or sociable boarding opportunities.)

A common question: Will my dog get to stay in your house, or even in your bed? At my other boarding arrangement, my dog gets to sleep in the operator’s bed! Answer: Do you know how many people get told that their dog sleeps in the house with the kennel owner, and believe it?

Imagine at Christmas, your pet and 20+ others all in a caretaker’s bed. No.

Now, in the same breath, I’ll say that Lulu gets to be in the house. And Cricket used to be allowed in the house on the back of the sofa. If Nash ever came to stay, (He’s 100+ pounds and would be allowed because I know him personally) he would be in the house. If Ripley was staying with me, she’d be in the house for SURE. Puddles can’t stay in the house (probably) and Kona definitely can’t stay in the house. Mikey cannot be in the house but Bailey can, and they’re brother and sister. But maybe the mom doesn’t want them to be apart, ever? Will check.

I mean, there are some dogs that Ajax absolutely loves. We should be paying their owners for them to stay. Some dogs are just candy for my dogs to play with.

But no, by and large your pet will have their own space, climate controlled, sound controlled, soft music 24/7, aromatherapy (yes, not kidding) and we’re going to try and get a web cam for walks. There’s going to be a little swimming pool (lightly chlorinated and filtered) for water-loving dogs to use in the summer.

There is an outdoor play area that’s secure and it’s used for off lead play. It’s not huge, but that’s why we try not to take anyone over 40 lbs. That area is limed for health every 6 months. We use Spectracide Granules for flea control. All boarders are given a free dose of Comfortis or NexGard flea control when they arrive. We will not tolerate fleas on the pet, in the guest area nor in our home.

“My regular kennel charges $9 a night for boarding, why should I pay more with Kelly?” Answer: Because the caretaker is Kelly who is a vet’s wife and your dog’s staying with this Vet’s wife. And someone is with the dogs 24 hours a day (not at their day job or alone at night). And I know who you’re referring to when you say $9 a night, and here’s the trick, if you can get into the room that is behind the boarding room they actually show you, through the wooden door in the middle of the back wall into the back area, you will see wire cages stacked on top of wire cages. That’s where the 9$ a night boarders stay. I know this because I employed one of their former employees. For $9 a night your pet will stay in a wire crate next to a rescue pit bull with God Knows What disease or fleas. Yeah, right?

So this is why I say, you should have the right to enter any room where dogs stay in a kennel. And you should be allowed to see the contents of any room at any kennel that you believe may be used for boarding. And the best resource for a boarding place’ reputation is the employees. Especially ex-employees.