Better Skin, Better Weight, Longer Life

Mar 26

Ultra Low Carb Feeding Takes No-Grain to the Next Level  Ultra Low Carb Feeding, Like Raw Diet for Dogs, only it's Not Raw.  A video I'd like you to look at:  A shorter, simplified video regarding using ultra low carb feeding to reign in the weight of dogs on the glucose / carb appetite-machine and improving their skin due to adverse food reactions to grain...

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Links and Pet Koi, Fish Dog and Cat Health Articles & Videos

Mar 23

Fish Health Help & Other Pet Resources Welcome to Dr Johnson’s web presence, sites linked based on pet health, pet keeping advice, fish health and answers to questions like “My fish are sick, what should I do?” as well as supporting various aspects of the Koi & Fish health topic. Pet information regarding kennels and some small business ventures are also...

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Apoquel and Cancer in Dogs

Mar 12

Dogs are contracting cancer from a new medicine (introduced in 2013) given to control itching.  #apoquel #canine #dog #cancer #oclacitinib In the most basic of “summaries”: You can't use it in people, and it causes new cancer in about 15-18/300 NON-elderly dogs. Severe bacterial/fungal infections in @30-35/300 dogs. Now let's get to the meat and...

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