I Bet You Didn’t Know About “Leptin” And Not Knowing It’s Killing Your Dog

I Bet You Didn't Know About “Leptin” And It's Killing Your Dog
“Leptin” is a hormone your dog secretes into its bloodstream when the weight of the dog is “ideal”
The Leptin hormone is the “Why” your dog stops “loving to eat” and seems a little bored with the food.
So people ultimately harm the dog when they change foods or add something to it.
And then, no matter how much Leptin the dog produces, the dog WILL eat because you're making everything TASTE so good. Like, they'd never find in nature.

So, what does Leptin do?
Leptin Hormone was designed by Nature to prevent dogs from getting too fat to run. And too fat to hide. Too fat to hunt.
When a dog's weight gets just “right” (Body Condition 4 to 4+) the appetite for regular food drops off.
VERY unfortunately, to “get them to eat” we add water, gravies, a little canned food, something tasty, a little chicken, drippings.
And the dogs WILL eat. And everyone is happy but the fate of those dogs is to get: 
Too fat to run. And too fat to hide. Too fat to hunt.
Arthritis accelerates, and cardio-pulmonary disease occurs.
Neither condition HAS to occur in your dogs. It's actually avoidable.
I like dogs to live til they're at LEAST sixteen, but NO DOG will live to that age if they're fat with a rotten mouth. 
It's bones and “keep 'em hungry”
And then you win a long life for your bud.
To Your Pet's Health!
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