Saving Sick Fish: How to Save Fish FAST!

The TLDR of Fish Health. Mastery in 40 pages. The new book by Dr Erik Johnson ( and )
The brand new Fish Health and treatment book is available at and 
If I was training a new employee for a pet shop, fish-friendly veterinary clinic, a garden center or pond company, this would be the book I'd hand the prospect. If someone bought a fish or tank from me, I'd give  them this book so they could get up to speed without ANY wasted time. There are 21 Q-R Codes that take you from A to Z if you somehow want more depth than the book gives you. There are nerds like that. The happy kid on the cover is better than a dead fish with its guts showing, which is NORMALLY what you see on a fish diseases book. I hope you like it. Doc Johnson
Forty page crash course with NO 'unnecessary' topics or information. You can solve fish health problems quickly and develop adequate proficiency to succeed with fish keeping and the aquarium hobby in an illustrated 2 to 3 hour read.
The author provides guidance and “how to's” based on more than twenty years experience as a fish health veterinarian. Author of several other books on fish health, this is not a “pop-up” Chat GPT produced guess-book.
The book is supported by 21 QR Codes which take the reader to more information at the book's supporting website of the same name, where the reader will find a support forum, more than 60 conserved (reader only) resources which are substantially video tutorials.
This is exactly the book you would give to a new hobbyist who wanted to be “pretty good” at fish keeping right out of the gate. You will stop losing fish and start enjoying the hobby.
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Another personal introduction to the book with Dr Johnson in person.