German Shepherd’s chronic diarrhea

German Shepherd's chronic diarrhea can come from:

  • Indulgent treats (GSD are the worst for GI upset from 'excess')
  • Overrich foods (Keep it simple and moderate-to-low calorie food)
  • Access to cat food (Even next door on their porch)
  • #COMMON# Hyperacidity Syndrome
  • #COMMON# Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome

These go “hand-in-hand” in that the GSD produces excess stomach acid – lots of the time. This can cause stomach-upset but also:
The hyperacidity can overwhelm the small intestine and 'burn it' which then grows bacteria – in the intestinal wall – lining. This is “Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome” consequent to Hyperacidity Syndrome.
Things you can do: Discourage overeating. Read more in the main article at